Free Magento 2 COVID-19 Live Statistics Extension

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  • Create Date March 18, 2020
  • 1.1.0

In today’s pandemic-affected world Covid19 trends are ever fluctuating. It is imperative for individuals and businesses to stay abreast of the local as well as global Statistics. The Free Magento 2 COVID-19 Live Statistics Extension by Qaiser Satti empowers you to show the corona static to your customer. It allows your customers to see live COVID-19 statistics on your website.


  • All Corona Statistics
  • Single or multiple country Statistics
  • Current updated statistics 
  • Stats for the number of cases/ deaths and recovered patients.
  • Enable/Disable Extension
  • Enable/Disable All corona static block


  1. Unzip to a local folder.
  2. Make folder 'QaisarSatti' in to your_magento_directory /app/code/
  3. Copy unzipped folder 'Covid19' to your_magento_directory/app/code/QaisarSatti (If different name then rename it to Covid19)
  4. Now open console or shell
  5. Go to your Magento directory and run the commands mentioned below: php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. Now log out from your admin panel and then log in again. Now you will see Qaisar Satti Extensions in the Left Menu of your admin panel.

User Guide


At the backend, go to Qaisar Satti EXTENSIONS > Covid19 > Configurations. Here you will have access to the following configurations:

Covid19 Backend Configuration

Covid19 Backend Configuration


Enable Extension customer can see the following statistic.

Covid19 front block

Covid19 front block