Free Magento 2 B2B Customer extension

The Free Magento 2 B2B Customer Extension or Private shop empowers you customize your website experience for specific customers. It enables you to have bespoke webpages for businesses and individuals against the same URL and allows you to price your products accordingly. B2B Extensions are a powerful eCommerce tool used by millions of online  traders worldwide.

This FREE Magento B2B Customer Extension by Qaiser Satti offers the facility to allow or disallow users to view the webpages based on their registration status. Businesses registered on the website shall be Registration Enabled and view the webpages accordingly.


  • Allow Registered User to Access Website
  • Enable/Disable Registration For Non logged in customer
  • Enable/Disable Extension


  1. Unzip to a local folder.
  2. Make folder 'QaisarSatti' in to your_magento_directory /app/code/
  3. Copy unzipped folder 'B2BCustomer' to your_magento_directory/app/code/QaisarSatti (If different name then rename it to B2BCustomer)
  4. Now open console or shell
  5. Go to your Magento directory and run the below commands php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. Now logout from your admin panel and again log in you will see Qaisar Satti Extensions in the Left Menu of your admin panel.


User Guide


At the backend, go to Qaisar Satti EXTENSIONS > B2B Customer > Configurations. Here you will have access to the following configurations:

B2B Customer Backend

B2B Customer Backend


Enable Extension customers can access only the login page and Registration page if it is allowed.