Free Magento 2 Most Viewed Product

Free Magento 2 Most Viewed extension empowers you to display the most viewed block on home and limit the no. of products to display. Allow your customers to easily find yours most viewed and make a quick purchase decision.



  • Add Most Viewed Listing on the Home page
  • Enable/Disable Extension
  • No of the product shown on the home page
  • Title for Home Page Block


1. Unzip to a local folder.
2. Make folder 'QaisarSatti' in to your_magento_directory /app/code/
3. Copy unzipped folder 'MostViewed' to your_magento_directory
/app/code/QaisarSatti (If different name then rename it to MostViewed)
4. Now open console or shell
5. Go to your Magento directory and run the below commands

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade

6. Now logout from your admin panel and again login you will see Qaisar Satti Extensions in Left Menu of your admin panel

User Guide


At the backend, go to Qaisar Satti EXTENSIONS > Most Viewed > Configurations. Here you will have access to the
following configurations:

Most Viewed Backend
Most Viewed Backend


    Home Page

If you enable the block for the home page you can have the following listing on your home page.

Most Viewed Home Block
Most Viewed Home Block